i loves you, porgy

an improvisation about wanting to be in a place that you are not. Brooklyn, Oct. 2016

a detroit improvisation

playing with movement more literally.

Excerpt from Eighteen

Eighteen, by Hubbard and Birchler. UHD Video with sound, 15 min 50s loop. This project is currently on view in the exhibitions: 'Nachtbilder / Notcurnal images'. Aaragauer Kunsthaus, Aarau (Aug 2015- Nov 2015). More info here.

confronting falling stars

An edited improvisation session. Music by Jordan Maley. September 2015.

re play

an informal exploration of replaying a song over and over. all dancing was improvised all camera and editing on iPad. music: "bombay" by el guincho (i have no rights to the music)

improvisation "Video Nov 29, 8 11 44 PM"

an improvisation named by my ipad to James Blake (I own no rights to the music).


Short informal piece with every aspect of born from improvisation. Dance - Anna Reyes. Music - Jordan Maley. Camera/Edit - Jordan Maley.